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Activity Box #39 - Busy Builders

Smart Max Mega Ball Run - A fun construction set consisting of tubes, slides and magnetic balls that you can link together to create buildings, shapes and ball runs.

Vendespil Memory game - Two copies of the Vendespil memory game where participants match animal bodies with their legs.

Texture Matching - Participants match the cylinders by texture. A great sensory game using touch.

CD - Pop Party 15 - A CD of fun pop hits, great for dancing

DVD - Brave - An animated movie where a young woman goes against her family traditions to find her own way in life. Fun for all ages.

Fee: NZ$ 15.00 per borrow

Condition: A - As new
Code: TTB-0039
Serial: 0039

An activity box designed for people with intellectual disabilities, this box contains a selection of bright colorful activities.

Box Price by Zone Zone One ($15), Zone Two ($16), Zone Three ($18), Zone Four ($20)

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